Capitol Assets provides services in three core areas:

Legislative Advocacy

Capitol Assets provides lobbying assistance and strategic counsel for clients involved in legislative and regulatory processes. Capitol Assets has a proven record of delivering its clients superior government relations services and possesses the required experience and technical skills and carries a strong working relationship with members of the Indiana General Assembly, the Governor’s Office and state agencies, in addition to maintaing a network of strategic relationships across Indiana and the United States. With a demonstrated record of achievement, Capitol Assets offers an excellent understanding of complicated government processes and complex public policy issues that are necessary in order to accomplish an individual client’s business objectives.

Direct Representation

Represents client interests before key government officials, legislative committees and their respective staffs, as well as at regulatory hearings. This also includes assistance in the drafting of legislation and the preparation of testimony for hearings.

Political Support

Identifies the appropriate elected officials whose support is needed to advance a client’s specific interests and issues and approaching those officials in a meaningful, persuasive and responsible manner in order to gain the officials’ support for particular initiatives.


Monitors the activities of the legislative and executive branch and keeps clients abreast of current developments with the Indiana General Assembly and appropriate state agencies. Daily tracking of all legislation of interest during the legislative session and direct contact with clients regarding any action on important bills moving through the legislative process.

Strategic Planning

Works with the client to develop long and short-term strategies and tactics to achieve specified objectives and periodically reviews the successes and challenges in implementing the agreed-upon strategies.

Strategic Analysis

Analyzes and responds to legislative and regulatory proposals in a manner that promotes the best interests of the client.

Coalition Building

Strengthens the client’s position by working with coalitions of like-minded groups with similar interests and coordinates the means, methods and personnel needed for effective representation.

Grass Roots Activity

Develops support for the client’s interests among community organizations and outreach groups, including media, to influence government action. Forms advocacy organizations and PAC’s when necessary and conducts campaigns for special issues, including direct mailings, public service announcements, press conferences and letter-writing campaigns.

Campaign Financing

Develops campaign financing strategies for clients that build upon existing relationships and establish new connections to ensure that there are enough resources for successful campaigns.

Government Affairs

Capitol Assets offers an excellent understanding of complicated local and state government processes for potential vendors and contractors. Capitol Assets utilizes this knowledge and leverages relationships to place clients in position for success with their government projects.


Assists and manages clients through the Indiana procurement process by providing critical information and opening doors to new opportunities.

Budget Advocacy

Works to secure state or federal government funding that aligns with services and projects of the client.

Management & Development

Capitol Assets has extensive experience developing and leading strategic initiatives across industries. In addition to government services, Capitol Assets offers management and development services for non-profit organizations, trade associations, private business and start-up initiatives.

Association Management

Provides a full range of services for associations and works with leadership to build and implement strategic decisions that grow membership, increase financial stability, improve communications, create memorable meetings and engage members.

Business Development

Partners with clients to identify and convert business development opportunities into real, positive outcomes.


Raising venture capital can be the hardest part of being an entrepreneur. Capitol Assets can connect startups or those in advanced funding stages to potential investors.

B2B Sales

Offers business-to-business sales advice and maintains a network of professionals in position to promote or purchase your product or service.

Support Services

Maintains a working relationship with a network of successful professionals that can help your organization in a variety of areas. Regardless of the need, Capitol Assets can build an experienced team for your project in including media relations, communications, event planning, marketing and grant writing.